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The Best Headline of All Time (and morning links)

By 07.18.11

Okay, I'm listening...

The Pulitzer race is over. [Full Article – Thanks, Burnsy]

Frotcast 56: Justin Halpern, Weird Things in Theaters, Burnsy’s Corner |

Epic Presidential Bad*ssery with DeviantArt |UPROXX|

Kurt Sutter’s Awesomely Profane Twitter Rant |Warming Glow|

The coolest group of dogs ever. |via CoolDogs|

Jay Cutler and Chad Ochocinco and the Models of the Diesel Swimsuit Show |With Leather|

Batman Fan Builds the World’s Only Turbine Powered Batmobile |Gamma Squad|

Nimoy Rocks a Pornstache and Proto DVD Player |Gamma Squad|

The 20 Greatest Perfomances of Robert Costanzo. Don’t know who Robert Costanzo is? Oh but you do, I promise. |Buzzfeed|

Creepy Russian propaganda posters. Russian posters are the best. |MentalFloss|

Taiwan CGI news tackles the Harry Potter premiere. |Videogum|

“Pictures for Sad Children” is good. |HolyTaco|

JLo dumped Marc Anthony. Probably because he looks like a Latin Ichabod Crane. |TheSuperficial|

Friends with Benefits has a red-band trailer. Do you think they’ll fall in love??? Hey, remember when this was a Seinfeld plot 15 years ago? |ScreenJunkies|

Why Steve Buscemi Refuses to Fix His Teeth |FARK|

Stay Out of Prison Thanks to Breaking Bad |UGO|

The 8 Most Absoludicrous Examples of Mr. T Merchandise |Topless Robot|

Top 10 Hollywood GILFs |Pajiba|

Timberlake Accepts His Own Marine Corps Invite |The Daily What|

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