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11.29 The Cooler

Baby Goose in Paris and Morning Links

By 11.29.11

Here’s Ryan Gosling with his special lady, Eva Mendes, in Paris. Of course he’s holding a rose that he picked for her. “Hey, girl. Sure I scratched my hand on those thorns, but it’s a small price to pay to show you I care.” |WWTDD|

SITE NEWS: Get excited, we’ve got a fresh Scene Breakdown from Danger Guerrero (KARATE DOG!) AND a brand new This Week in Posters. Get excited. That’s right, I said it twice, because I mean it.

Have you listened to the latest Frotcast? You should. It has koi prank calls. |Frotcast|

So Long and Thanks for All the Puppies. Go pay your respects to your departing WG editor, Matt Ufford. And meet your new editors!  |Warming Glow|

Crossface Chickenwing Rhymes: 7 Hip-Hop Lines About Bob Backlund. (I have no idea what any of this means). |Smoking Section|

I absolutely love watching these two old dudes kick the crap out of each other. |With Leather|

Meme Watch: Hippo Coworker Is On The Other Side Of Your Cubicle Wall |UPROXX|

7 Popular Songs That Are Too Rapey. Please, there’s no such thing as TOO rapey. |Buzzfeed|

“Where are the great movies?” asks the director of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull |FARK|

Damn, the Stath’s sister sounds pissed. DON’T MAKE ME PUT DOWN THIS BABY! |TheDailyWhat|

Anne Hathaway is engaged to this chode smuggler. |TheSuperficial|

Charlize Theron totally got bullied in school, you guys. Probably for being so pretty. |Videogum|

10 words of the year that didn’t catch on. Not listed? “Dingleberry.” Dingleberry is here to stay. You could set your watch to dingleberry. |MentalFloss|

6 fictional retailers that are probably better than Best Buy. |ScreenJunkies|

Louis CK Explains Racial Slurs |DogAndPony|

This awkward couple’s first kiss legitimately makes me nauseous. |HolyTaco|

Let Miss Leila alllmost show you her gash. |GorillaMask|

A Collection of Masked Movie Posters |Unreality|

Check out Talib Kweli in this new DeStorm video. Did you know: The Uproxx guys used to own Talib Kweli’s record label? It’s true. (*more you know music plays*)

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