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The Steven Seagal Movie Plot Word Cloud

By 11.02.11

Ever since we made that gallery of

  • Steven Seagal holding a weapon (usually a pistol) with a dumb look on his face
  • Three-word title (Out for Justice, Marked for Death, Above the Law, etc.)
  • Awesome tagline (“They started this… he’ll finish it.)
  • Burning foreign city in the background

Reader Charlie recently emailed the frotcast after having put all of Steven Seagal’s movie titles into a word-cloud creator (you can see that below). I thought that was a great idea, so I extended it from just title to title, tagline, and synopsis. That’s the one above. There are a few glitches (don’t ask me why there are two “kills”, or why it counted “es” as a word), but I think it’s pretty clear that Steven Seagal likes to play an UNDERCOVER MILITARY AGENT named JOHN who likes to KILL CHINESE people.

As someone on Twitter points out: “This would make a great set of fridge magnets.”


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