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Rihanna loves Danny Trejo. Plus, corgi farts & morning links

By / 01.26.12

Rihanna and Danny Trejo met at the tattoo parlor, apparently. I bet Danny Trejo is one of the few guys who constantly gets asked NOT to smile for pictures. |source|

Quick! There’s still time to check out last week’s Frotcast before I post the new one! |Frotcast|

ROFLMNBAO: This Week’s NBA Action In Pictures |With Leather|

Photoshop Challenge: Liam Neeson Versus… |UPROXX|

Ten Pointless, Expensive On-Screen Props I Need to Own |Warming Glow|

Cross Your Fingers: Dave Chappelle & Chris Rock Could Tour Together |Smoking Section|

Corgi farts on other corgi – via ArtVandelay

Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week |Gamma Squad|

Top 10 Pictures Of Vladimir Putin Beating Up Little Kids |Buzzfeed|

Rihanna got a “thug life” tat on her knuckles. Bright girl. |WWTDD|

Chelsea Handler unwisely starts shit with Joan Rivers. |TheSuperficial|

The week’s top 10 animal videos. |Videogum|

This “history of MMA” video is pretty cool. |CagePotato|

A hip hop tribute to Ron Swanson. Honestly, I’d like this guy more if the internet could shut up about him for half a second. |GorillaMask|

21 pictures of Andy Serkis looking like a jagoff. |ScreenJunkies|

6 amazing animals that lived practically forever. |MentalFloss|

Behind the Movie Masks and Make-up |Unreality|

Single Men Vs. Single Women In NYC |High Definite|

11 bizarre pieces of Obama fan art. |HolyTaco|

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