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Superheroes Being Dicks: New Chronicle Trailer

By 01.05.12

Late January through President’s Day weekend is generally thought of as the time when studios release their most half-ass, unwatchable shitpiles, but I’m cautiously optimistic for Josh Trank’s Chronicle. Written by youngin’s Trank and John Landis’s son, Max, it’s a found-footagey take on the usual superhero movie starring Wallace from The Wire (and a couple other dudes). The found-footage part doesn’t do much for me (nor does a white guy saying “ba-bling ba-bling” into the camera), but the idea that they’d use their superpowers not to fight crime but to screw with little kids, see girls’ panties, and run rednecks off the road really speaks to me.

That's telekinesis, homes.

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