Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming

By: 04.10.12  •  12 Comments

Rat Scratch Fever

You remember this one?  Vince wrote about it over a year ago.  Why do some dopey low-budget genre flicks look like sh*t while others look like fun?  I wish I could say, but I don’t know.  The heart wants what the heart wants.  I’m guessing it lies in the balance between sincerity and camp.  Too much of the former and the filmmakers look delusional, too much of the latter and they look like they don’t care.  For this film, the live rats running around on miniature sets conveys just the right amount of self-aware charm.  Plus, as Vince pointed out, there’s a dead baby.


This Canadian/Italian co-production is the latest in the haunted mental hospital sub-genre.  The twist (spoiler alert!) is that this hospital was an addiction treatment facility, but once the addictions were removed (what the f*ck?), they lived on as mutant children.  Why children?  Because, as Vince has pointed out, all crappy horror flicks have to be about either haunted houses or possessed children.  This film employs both.  I’m sure it’s a delightfully chilling thrill ride.

No Body Found

By my count, this DVD synopsis is the 139th one I’ve written since starting this feature in February.  That means I’ve watched the trailers for close to 300 movies, trying to decide if they are worth sharing.  At least 100 of these trailers are for awful looking torture porn flicks.  You have no idea how many of these movies come out each week.  I didn’t expect this one to catch my eye, but what can I say, the trailer went against expectations, and while I doubt the movie’s any good, the trailer was a breath of fresh air.  Take a gander.


This horror flick/stoner comedy won’t be funny.  It also won’t be scary.  The official synopsis claims it is a “refreshingly ironic take on the classic ‘cabin in the woods’ scenario.”  First off, I don’t think it is refreshing for a straight-to-DVD horror comedy to be ironic, at least not to self-identify as ironic.  This abortion comes from ‘Camp Motion Pictures’ and you just know that everyone who works for that outfit is a chode.  Unless they mean ‘Camp’ as in a youth wilderness retreat.  If that’s the case, then I assume they are all aspiring pedophiles.

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