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Expendables 2 Trailer: Arnold Schwarzenegger beats up a smart car

By 05.03.12

The Expendables 2 just released a full-length trailer, which you can watch below, and I’m having trouble deciding which part I like the best. Right now it’s between the part where Jason Statham dressed as a priest says, “Oi! I now pronounce you man and KNOIFE!” and stabs the camera, or the part where Arnold Schwarzenegger beats up a Smart Car for being all small and gay. “AUUUGHAAAUUUGGH! Dis cah is foah girlie men! How am I evah going to fit all da mulatto ass in heah!”

I can only imagine the DVD commentary a year from now: “And now dis heah, dis scene is good. In dis scene, I am angry. You see, I rip da doah off da cah because uff da cah is too small to fit da mulatto ass. Ha ha ha, I vas da govunoah.”

Looks pretty good, but I think it’d be better if there was a shot of Paul Hogan running across town to try to stop Jason Statham’s knife wedding shouting, “THAT’S NOT A KNOOOOOOOOOOIFE…”

Also, how the hell did Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend get in there? Did all those old guys think he was Thor? That makes a lot of sense, actually.

Opens August 17th. Trailer via IGN.

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