Hear Obama, Romney Speeches In Less Than Six Minutes
Barack Obama Sings MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This"

No Matter Who You Voted For, We Can All Enjoy Watching This Puppy (Morning Links)

By 11.07.12

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Val Kilmer chopped his hair off with a knife because he’s sane. |Film Drunk|

25 Funny Political Signs The World Needs Today |UPROXX|

There, there. [via imgur]

‘Archer’ Is ‘Skyfall,’ ‘Skyfall’ Is ‘Archer’
|Warming Glow|

Theory: A Soccer Headshot Is Funnier If It Happens Twice |With Leather|

Three Diseases That Are Actually Cultural Memes |Gamma Squad|

10 Longshot Predictions For The NBA Season |Smoking Section|

Hipster Brady Knew About Aerosmith Before You Did |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Why would you ever get out of bed? |theChive|

9 GIFs Of The Rolling Stones When They Were Young |Buzzfeed|

Christina Aguilera Can Fit Into Jeans? There’s No Way That’s Right
|The Superficial|

5 U.S. Cities That Were Destroyed—and Completely Rebuilt |Mental Floss|

Leonardo DiCaprio Dumped Erin Heatherton Because He Was Bored

Sarah Silverman’s Crotch Prank Makes Conan Blush |HuffPost Comedy|

Tesla Coil Performance Art |Videogum|

5 Great Musical Scores for 5 Disappointing Movies |Unreality|

Trailer preview for World War Z looks like it’s going to ignite some nerd
rage |Screen Junkies|

Nine original poems from videogames. Who says videogames are illiterate?

20 TV Actors More Deserving Of Your “Nepotism” Scorn |Pajiba|

Jimmy Kimmel’s Voting Prank |Clip Nation|

If You Don’t Tip the Pizza Guy, He’ll Piss All Over Your Door |Brobible|

The Most Common Write-In Candidates |College Humor|

“Please Advise” |High Definite|

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