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Clip: Ashton Kutcher plays Kelso Jobs in ‘Jackie Jormp Jomp Goes to Computer’

By 01.24.13

Here’s a clip from Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs biopic, jOBS, a film with a title so f*cking stupid it lowers the resale value of my computer every time I have to type it. (Does anyone else keep pronouncing it “Yobs?”). Kutcher appears to be playing Steve Jobs as Kelso, in a clip I like to think of as “Those 70s Nerds.”

If you’ll remember, there’s a competing Steve Jobs biopic project commissioned by Jobs himself that Aaron Sorkin is writing. Meanwhile, this one’s being financed by a guy who makes real estate textbooks and stars Josh Gad. Look, ma, it’s an Arple Merkintosh! Same great operating system for half the price!



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