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Happy Madison Ally Todd Garner Picked For ‘Tag Brothers’ Movie

By / 02.15.13
Todd Garner is the bro to Sandler’s left.

Two weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal told the story of four friends who had been close since their prep school days in the 80s, and while that’s no big deal, what made it a fun story was how they stay so tight after three decades of growing up and apart. They have been playing a game of tag since 1990, and every year when February comes, whoever is “it” gets to unleash his plan to go after one of the other guys, whether it be hiding outside of one guy’s church or in another guy’s trunk. Naturally, this true story had Hollywood bromantic comedy written all over it.

Now known as the “Tag Brothers” – which is going to make for a very easy porn parody – it turns out that these fellas had quite the bidding war going for their story and the big winner is Broken Road’s Todd Garner, according to Deadline.

After hearing pitches from more than a half dozen established producers who wanted to turn their story into a feature film, they’ve optioned their life rights to Garner, in a deal put together by ICM Partners (which reps the guys) and UTA (which reps the WSJ). Garner will put together a package that he’ll shop to studios. Since studios have been among those making calls, it shouldn’t be a hard sell.

That’s right, that’s the same Todd Garner who has produced such hits as The Animal, Tomcats, The New Guy, Are We There Yet? and Are We Done Yet?, BOTH xXx films, Zoom, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Zookeeper, Jack and Jill and Here Comes the Boom, and he’s also producing the upcoming Adam Sandler film, Valet Guys, which will undoubtedly be an incredible cinematic feat.

Needless to say, if I were a betting man, I’d put a shiny nickel down on Tag Bros starring Sandler, Kevin James, and any variety of the Happy Madison lackeys in a nut-shot romp across America that will make Rat Race look like, well, a slightly better version of Rat Race.

Also, in order to just save myself time whenever I have to write about Happy Madison, I’ve made this picture for you guys to just write ideas on, because they’ll probably use them.

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