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LOUD NOISES! Supercut of Al Pacino acting as hard as he can.

By 03.25.13

Here at FilmDrunk, we’ve long been fans of Al Pacino’s ACTING with a capital A and exclamation point. At his best, he doesn’t chew scenery so much as rip it apart like a Wolverine and have sex with its corpse. Now, Nelson Carvajal, who last gave us Every Best Picture Winner, has given us a supercut called “Pacino: Full Roar,” featuring six solid minutes of Pacino screaming his face off, which begins with this quote:

“I worked with Al Pacino, whose character was crazy. Before every take, he would roar like a lion.” -Robin Williams, co-star on Insomnia.

Two things: one, Al Pacino was playing a perpetually-tired detective who can’t sleep because summer never gets dark in Alaska in Insomnia, and still felt he needed to play it so “big” that he was roaring like a jungle animal. Two, how big do you have to be playing it for ROBIN WILLIAMS to say you’re crazy? “Whoa whoa, Al, this seems a bit… manic, don’t you think?”

Well done, Mr. Carvajal. Suffice to say, you’ve got a… GREAT ASS! And I’ve got my HEAD, AAAAAALL THE WAY UP IT!

Let me say this about Heat: Hank Azaria’s reaction to Pacino in that scene is wildly underrated.



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