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Bryan Singer is tweeting naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence now

By / 05.20.13

X-Men First Class was better than it had any right to be, especially after the infamously rushed production schedule. A lot of people credit Matthew Vaughn for making it as good as it was, which makes it slightly worrisome that he dropped out of the sequel, leaving X-Men Days of Future Past to Bryan Singer, whose last few movies have been underwhelming. But so far Singer’s doing everything right, and by that I mean he tweeted a picture of naked Jennifer Lawrence getting her Mystique makeup applied. Well played, Singer, well played. You are my kind of auteur. BUT WAIT! Did I just say “Naked Jennifer Lawrence?” I did indeed say “Naked Jennifer Lawrence,” and “Naked Jennifer Lawrence” is exactly what I meant.

(*pulls out two prop pistols, fires, flags emerge from barrels reading “Search Engine Optimization” and “$$$$$”*)

When I say “Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress,” I 100 percent mean it, just like I did when I first said so three years ago after the premiere of Winter’s Bone. But sometimes, I wonder if people hear me saying I like Jennifer Lawrence’s acting the same way they hear “I read Playboy for the articles.” Shut up, you guys, I like Jennifer Lawrence for the articles.

UPDATE: Per MTV, apparently that’s a bodysuit, not bodypaint this time. Can your boner tell the difference?

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