A Guide To The Great American Pastime Of Celebrities Dressing As Princess Leia

By: 01.27.14

Kelly Brook

British model Kelly Brook teamed up with Total Film to sex up some of cinema’s most iconic characters and costumes, which included her own take on a much more, um, supportive Slave Leia costume. She also showed off an Indiana Jones costume and it had me convinced that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull could have been way better with some different casting decisions.

Alyssa Milano

Years ago, when Charmed was still a thing on the WB, Alyssa Milano stopped by a Halloween episode of Ellen dressed as Princess Leia in the white dress. I think I speak for all men who grew up with insane crushes on Milano that IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE GOLD BIKINI, DAMN IT!

Arianny Celeste

Normally, I don’t complain about anything that UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste does. If she and her counterpart, Brittney Palmer, wanted to dress up as Klingons and recite lines from The Phantom Menace, I wouldn’t care. However, in this strange video, Celeste’s sexy Leia routine is sort of ruined by the fact that she’s dancing seductively for Darth Vader, who is her father. At least in Star Wars: A XXX Porn Parody, Allie Haze’s Princess Leia clearly states that she’s not related to Luke Skywalker before she… I mean, YOU WATCHED THE PORN.

Betty White

Betty White

“Hey wait, when the f*ck did Betty White dress up as Princess Leia in the gold bikini?” Back in 2010, the Portland Mercury held a contest to let readers design the cover of an upcoming issue. Once the readers had their say, it was determined that they wanted to see Betty White as Slave Leia wielding a flaming chainsaw while riding a John Ritter centaur. The result, with artwork by artist Andrew Zubko, is one of the greatest pieces of art to ever be produced by man.

Several Characters From The Simpsons

Lisa Simpson

Family Guy isn’t the only primetime cartoon that has shown its fondness of Star Wars in the past. Several characters from The Simpsons have been given the Princess Leia treatment, including Lisa, who got the Leia buns during a haircut montage, and Ralph Wiggum, who dressed as Leia for “Inspirational Women Day” and proudly declared, “I’m a Star Wars.”

Ralph Wiggum

There’s also this comic book version of Marge dressed as Slave Leia that I’m sure many grown men just right-clicked and saved for reasons of their own that we don’t need to discuss.

Marge Simpson

(Images via Fox)

Miss Piggy

Way back in 1980, the characters of Star Wars got their puppet on several times, as C3-PO and R2-D2 joined the gang on Sesame Street for two episodes. But the real fun was being had by the Muppets, as Mark Hamill, the droids and Chewbacca stopped by to spoof their huge film franchise. Naturally, because she has always been the most important female Muppet, Miss Piggy played the role of Princess Leia in this “Pigs in Space” sketch.

Kaley Cuoco

Leave it to Kaley Cuoco, the star of The Big Bang Theory, which panders to so-called nerds and geeks more than almost any show on television, to make this fake PSA that actually convinces women to dress as other sexy comic book, video game and movie characters for Halloween. At the very least, there should be a law that limits the number of Slave Leias allowed at one party at one time, but there shall be no limits on the number of Leia costumes at Comic-Con. That’s what the Constitution would look like in my America.

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