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C-Tates And J-Hill Have Buddy Cop Issues In The New ’22 Jump Street’ Red Band Trailer

By 04.10.14

In case you weren’t feeling fulfilled enough from the previous trailers and clips for 22 Jump Street, or if you’ve forgotten that Sony is still releasing a sequel to the 2012 comedy on June 14 because you were struck on the head by a large anvil, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill released the new red band trailer on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Actually, C-Tates and J-Hill were guests on The Guillermo Show last night, but either way they delivered some hot, new red band action for 22 Jump Street, and it reveals everything from crazy ass Spring Break parties to Peter Stormare as “Big Meat.”

This is apparently the final red band trailer, so make sure you bookmark this and watch it at least two times a day until the movie hits theaters in two months, or you will forget that 22 Jump Street exists and never ever see it in your life.

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And here are C-Tates and J-Heezy stopping by The Guillermo Show, which is far more entertaining than anything I’ve ever seen on Chelsea Lately.

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