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See The Rock Beat Up Even More Animals In The New ‘Hercules’ Trailer

By 06.03.14


As much as I like to rip on Brett Ratner because his movies are bad, I will say that a homoerotic Hercules movie where a wrestler guy beats up animals and flexes his guns seems much more suited to the Rat’s particular talents than one that requires, say, a nuanced understanding of comic book morality, or comedic timing. The best parts of Tower Heist were whenever Ratner was allowed to be visually over-the-top and ridiculous (and credit where credit is due, the scene of them hanging off the side of a building was actually pretty well done). I’m guessing that with Hercules, that’s going to make up the bulk of the running time.

In fact, in Hercules (2014), opening July 25th, it appears that the entire plot consists of The Rock saving a series of hot chicks from CGI animals. The world’s oldest profession.

I’d be even more interested in an annotated version of this, where they just turn the dialog off and diagram exactly how much HGH The Rock is on in each scene and at what stage of his ‘roid cycle.

The CGI isn’t what I’d call photo-real, but it does have a certain panache.




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