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By 06.13.14

Jasper County Sheriff

Say you wake up one day to discover that you sort of look like a minor character in the Twilight movies. If you can’t use that superpower to pick up girls, what good is it? That was apparently 33-year-old David LaVera’s thought process as he attempted to parlay his resemblance to 24-year-old Twilight actor Kiowa Gordon (one of the ethnic temptation wolves) into a liaison with a 14-year-old girl. See? I told you parents should never let their kids read these dangerous books.

Police said 33-year-old David Lavera had been communicating with the teen on social media. The victim’s mother said the man told her daughter he was an actor from the “Twilight” movie series.

The victim’s family said Lavera came to their home to pick up the teen. The teen’s sister told her mother, who called police and several friends. One of those friends spotted the suspect’s car.

“My girlfriend saw them coming off a gravel road pointing back into town, blocked them off, jumped out, stopped the vehicle with her own body, and told my daughter to get out of the car. Made her get in her vehicle,” the victim’s mom, April Roush said. [DesMoinesRegister]

Of course, the girl wasn’t the only one duped by the impostor. Lavera was actually invited by the school to perform stunts at a middle school assembly earlier this month. While Lavera was not in Twilight, he does work as a stuntman, a profession that may have, inadvertently, helped get him arrested when he tried to flee his rendezvous with his tween prey. He was pulled over by police shortly after speeding off in his car, at which point…

Police say they found two swords and several daggers in his car. [WHOTV]

Of course they did.

The victim’s mother said she learned a lot from the incident. “Instagram, Facebook, there’s a reason there’s an age limit on these things and I think all of us parents need to enforce that. And not go, ‘Oh, well, my daughter’s so good I can trust her.’ Well, so was my daughter and look what happened,” Roush warned. [DesMoinesRegister]

That, and you should get her better books to read. You never see Colin Firth impersonators getting busted for trying to pick up 14-year-olds obsessed with those Jane Austen movies. Because Colin Firth is one of a kind.

I’m including some pictures of the real Kiowa Gordon below in the hopes that knowing what he looks like will keep your daughter safe.

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