My Accidental Set Visit: ‘Ant-Man’ Begins Shooting In San Francisco’s Bum-Filled Tenderloin

By: 08.21.14  •  43 Comments

*What he actually said was that they’d be shooting a scene to which a CG Ant-Man would be added later, of Ant-Man jumping out the window of this apartment where Ant-Man lives. Here’s his building, I didn’t see them do anything to the sign (though they could always alter it digitally later):



The scene, as it was decribed, involved Ant-Man jumping out the window of that building and onto the roof of this car. Apologies if I have ruined the movie for you.





Oh, and here’s a giraffe in a trash can, which was specifically placed there by the crew, and thus may or may not be important. Probably the lynchpin of the entire plot.



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