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03.26.08 46 Comments

A new deluxe movie theater is set to open in suburban Chicago this year, which will include plush reserved seating, special parking privileges, upscale food and beverage offerings, and seat-side waiter service.

The theater, one of 50 set for construction in the next five years through a joint venture led by Village Roadshow, will have an estimated ticket price of $35

Gold Class auditoriums will feature a 40-seat-maximum patron capacity and an even higher-end atmosphere, officials said Tuesday.
Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinemas also plans to open a site in Redmond, Wash., by year’s end, with about 20 additional sites planned for rollout by 2010.
"The demand for luxury moviegoing in the U.S. is very strong," said Kirk Senior, CEO of the new Burbank-based joint venture. [Hollywood Reporter]

I’ve heard a lot of explanations for declining movie revenue, but “Tickets not expensive enough,” is a first.  But I think they may be on to something.  Just last weekend the countess and I were trying to enjoy a nice tin of caviar whilst watching the bodies hit the floor at a screening of Never Back Down, when all of a sudden we looked around and realized we were completely surrounded by poor people and ethnic types.  Can you imagine?  I had to catch my top hat when it flew off my head in surprise!

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