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This is the trailer for 50 Dead Men Walking, based on the story of Martin McGartland, a British police recruit who infiltrates the IRA.  It stars Jim Sturgess, Ben Kingsley, and Rose McGowan.  It’s also the film that convinced Rose that she would’ve joined the IRA, if only she’d been born a Northern Irishman instead of a slutty actress.

Other notes: the song in the beginning is “Alternative Ulster” by the Stiff Little Fingers, and if you don’t like that song, it’s probably because you’re a f-cking idiot.  Also: did anyone understand a single word of dialogue in that entire trailer?  It’s no wonder Irish people are drunk all the time. Whenever they talk to me I just have to take a sip of my beer and nod like I understood.  It’s true, taint bells are furrikin, I totally agree.

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