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12.21.07 49 Comments

In this eight minute clip from Charlie Wilson’s War, we learn some fun things – like the fact that Phillip Semen Hoffmore’s character is named "Gust" and that people used the word "tool" in the 80s.  Who knew?

Watch eight minutes of Charlie Wilson’s War here

Ya know, if you would’ve pitched me the idea of a movie about the triumphant story of the guy who helped get money and weapons to Bin Laden’s boys back in the 80s, I would’ve called you an idiot.  Then again, I’ve killed men with my bare hands because I didn’t like the way their hair smelled.  Perhaps I’m too high strung.

It’s just nice to see Tom Hanks not working with Ron Howard for a change – creepy goddamned ginger. (Opens today – written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Mike Nichols) 

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