A quickie interview with Buck Angel

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05.17.13 7 Comments

This is probably old news for you guys, since parts of this made it into my review of Mr. Angel from SXSW, but with Mr. Angel playing this year’s QDoc: Portland’s Queer Documentary Film Festival, I got to chat with Buck again for the Portland Mercury. Read it if you like!

To say Buck Angel, subject of Dan Hunt’s new documentary Mr. Angel, is “just a regular dude” is both 100 percent true and demonstrably false, which is part of his allure. As seen in Mr. Angel—one of the highlights of this year’s QDoc: Portland’s Queer Documentary Film Festival—Buck is a muscular guy with facial hair and tattoos, as well as female genitalia that he’s not shy about being photographed with. “I love my vagina, don’t you love your vagina?” he famously asked Tyra Banks on an appearance on her show depicted in Mr. Angel. (“I dunno, it’s aiiight, I guess” was her response.)

[check out the rest at the Portland Mercury]

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