A Recreation of an Incident at a Gary Busey Autograph Signing

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12.22.10 120 Comments

Here at FilmDrunk, we like Gary Busey stories so much, we once had a guy who was Gary’s assistant on an indie movie talk about it for an hour on our podcast (we regret nothing, it was awesome).  Last night we got an email from a guy named Lowell Northrop saying:

I met Gary Busey at a celebrity autograph convention in Burbank, CA earlier this year.   He misspelled my name when he signed an 8×10 for me (I paid $30 for it.)  I tried to correct him.  Big mistake.
Here’s a reenactment of how it all went down.

I was expecting one of those crappy, computerized animated recreations, but this is so much better.   The actor who plays Busey really captures that dangerous, reptilian look in his eye, where it seems like he could mistake you for food at any moment.  And you don’t want to end up between those choppers, he can pulverize coyote bones with those things.  Seriously, that’s where he gets half his nutrients.

A Simple Misunderstanding (My Gary Busey Encounter) from Lowell Northrop on Vimeo.

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