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05.19.09 8 Comments

It’s been three months since the trailer for Funny People came out, but these three new TV spots should refresh your memory.  It’s Judd Apatow’s third movie as a director, and Adam Sandler’s first movie since Punch Drunk Love that doesn’t look like the brainchild of an Eastern bloc immigrant who just learned English last week (“He ees hair dresser, but also Jew, spy, and sex macheen. Ees funny, no?”).  Anyway, I actually like the commercials more than the trailer, probably because they focus more on the Adam-Sandler-making-fun-of-himself angle than the guy-getting-cancer angle.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have high hopes for this, but in the end I’ll be happy if Sandler doesn’t talk in a funny voice the whole movie.

[via TrailerAddict]

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