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05.08.09 24 Comments

Robert Downey and Sam Jackson on the set of Iron Man 2.  Oh I know, I was as excited as you are. |via FilmSchoolRejects|

Sam Jackson set to play a pirate negotiator.  Said the actor “Why won’t these muthaf*ckin pirates, give my back my muthaf*ckin’ boat!” |Variety|

American Apparel CEO denies trying to smear Woody Allen.  “I have deep respect for Mr. Allen who is a source of inspiration to me,” he insists. “The billboards and images from the Annie Hall movie were intended to be a parody/social statement and comedic satire to provoke discussion and public discourse about the baseless claims that had been made against American Apparel and myself, society’s reaction to lawsuits that delve into an individual’s private sexual life and the media’s sensationalism of such matters.”  He’s totally right.  As soon as I saw the billboard I said, “Hey guys, did you see that picture of Woody Allen with a beard?  It’s funny because the American Apparel guy is innocent.”  |Yahoo|

Jason Statham officially onboard for remake of Charles Bronson’s The Mechanic. Said the Stath “Oi, oy reckon after aw dis toime droivin’ round in flash sazz wagons, it wis about toime Da Stafe learnt ‘ow to fix ’em, donnit.” |Empire|

Iron Man 2 to feature Gwyneth Paltrow in a dominatrix outfit. I guess that works, she’s clearly a ballbuster.  I mean, she’s married to the guy from Coldplay, no one who still had his balls could make music like that. |Comicbookmovie|

Mickey Carroll, the last surviving Wizard of Oz munchkin dead at 85. Rest in peace, little guy. |source|

Director of Saw and Repo the Genetic Opera remaking Troma’s Mother’s Day. I can’t wait to avoid anyone who’s excited about this. |Variety|

Megan Fox promises not to be like that showboatin’ bitch Scarlett Johansson. I say we settle this via naked cat fight. Or by seeing who can go the longest without talking.. |People|

New posters for Transformers (via Yahoo), Inglourious Basterds, District 9 (via Yahoo), and Antichrist (via

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