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07.27.07 2 Comments

I'll be honest, I liked 'Knocked Up' as much as the next guy.  More, even, depending on the next guy.  Hell, I might even go so far as to call it my favorite movie so far this year.  But really, another Seth Rogen movie already?  They're already touting this ('Drillbit Taylor', starring Owen Wilson, the wife from 'Knocked Up' and a bunch of kids, in case you missed that…) as "from the makers of Superbad", despite the fact that 'Superbad' hasn't even come out yet.  Isn't that like counting your eggs before they hatch? Closing the gate after the horse is gone? Putting on a condom before the date? Or one of those other old-timey sayings my dad used to use?  His schizophrenia was usually a burden, but I swear, everyone once in a while his ramblings would flirt with real wisdom.  I'm just sorry about that family down on Route 80. 

PS – didn't they already make this movie with D.J. Qualls and Eddie Griffin

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