And The Winner Of The Danny Trejo Photoshop Challenge Is…

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06.15.12 12 Comments

I'm not the winner, I just like "Danny Trejo: Team Eduardo".

The hardest part of challenging you incredible Drunkards to a photoshop contest is choosing a winner, but it’s been a week since I asked you to submit your best Danny Trejo campaign images, and it’s time to make one two people very happy and break some other hearts. I hate doing it, but Vince won’t take the nipple clamps off until I make a decision.
After the jump, I’ve got your efforts in no specific order, except for the winners (chosen by a secret panel of Uproxxian Illuminati) all the way at the end. I say winners, because in addition to the copy of Evil Bong 1 and 2 that I’m giving away, I also have a DVD copy of El Monstro Del Mar, which was given to us by our good friends at Breaking Glass Pictures (and subsequently misplaced in my stuff when I moved a few months ago). Thanks everyone who participated, because all of these are awesome, but feel free to blame Chodin if you didn’t win.

(Winners – email me your addresses,
(From Gabsilon)
(From Burt)
(From ItsGmanFool)
(From Ace Rimmer)
(From JiffyLube)
(From Death Cab For Busey)
(From Ace Rimmer)
(From Ace Rimmer)
(From Bishop Luke Helick Deannus)
(From Robopanda)
(From Gabsilon)
(From Caronte)
(From Robopanda)
And the winner of El Monstro Del Mar is… Lord Quall’s Broneys.
And the winner of Evil Bong 1 and 2 is… Caronte’s amazing Geisha Trejo.

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