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04.13.09 29 Comments

Wow.  If ever there was a movie that lended itself well to fart sounds it was Angels and Demons (though who am I kidding? fart sounds make everything better).  My favorite part of the clip (aside from the farting) is 19-seconds in where Hanks says, “If I can find the segno – the sign…” as if he really needed to let everyone know he knew the Italian word for sign.  Hi, folks, my nombre – my name – is Tom Hanks. I’m aqui – here – to do a Nic Cage impression. Capiche?

Another fun game is to look at these reaction shot screen caps and imagine them ripping a really gnarly wet fart.  I think this one is my favorite.  In related news, I can’t wait for recess!

UPDATE: Apparently this was made by my friends at ScreenJunkies. Kudos, sir. Dat’s a spicy a-fart video!

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