This Vengeful Cheese Panda Proves Arabs Do Have a Sense of Humor

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12.02.13 19 Comments

So apparently there’s this Arab cheese company called Panda Cheese. Their mascot is a Panda, and the premise of their commercials is that, well… I’ll let Huffington Post explain:

Panda Cheese comes from Arab Dairy, an Egyptian-based company. In 2010, a series of commercials aired with a simple premise: someone dismisses Panda Cheese, so a panda comes to ruin their day.

Simple premise, and the surprise? The ads are pretty damned funny. Maybe the Arab world and the west can get along after all. Geico should hire the guys who came up with this, and throw the “Old McDonald was a bad speller team” into a dark sewer dungeon with those guitar assholes and smug new Wendy.


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