Arnold Schwarzenegger Doesn't Give A Damn About The Facebook Campus Rules

Senior Writer
03.19.14 9 Comments

Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to pay a visit to the Facebook campus, perhaps as part of a promotional campaign for his new action thriller Sabotage or maybe because he just felt like running some social media sh*t over in his tank, but either way he was just Arnold being Arnold. He shared the above tough guy image with his followers on Instagram with the message: “Facebook’s philosophy is Move Fast and Break Things, which I love. So naturally I broke some rules at their headquarters.”

What he didn’t bother mentioning was that the plot of the next Terminator film involves Mark Zuckerberg getting pissed off at people smoking outside his office, so he unleashes an army of robots that ends humanity with a series of unrelated and unwanted spam ads. Will Arnold’s robot be able to save John Connor and the humans? No, because he’ll run out of breath from smoking so much.

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