Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Governator’ will be a 3D feature film

04.04.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

In a stroke of inspiration that can only be described as a juggernaut of blinding, beautiful brilliance from Heaven, Stan Lee has teamed up with Arnold Schwarzenegger for an animated TV series called “The Governator,” the trailer for which you can watch below if you feel like wasting three minutes of your life.  In addition to the TV series, comic book, and internet programming, Schwarzenegger recently told a Cannes press conference that plans are in the works for a 3D feature film coming in 2013.

Clearly, there’s enough material here for all that and more.  I’m thinking Governator breakfast cereals, Governator jeans, Rock Band: Governator, Governator tea cozies, Governator f*ckable ipads — the possibilities are literally endless.  I think the genius of this project is the way they took an already painfully-obvious nickname and added tedious backstory.  My God, it’s a revelation.  It’s a revolution.  It’s a revelevolution.  The Governator should be awarded the first-ever Nobel Peace Prize in Miracles.  Arnold Schwarzenegger plays The Governator, an actual governor/terminator. Can you imagine?  This would be like if you wrote a sitcom for Karl Malone, and in it he played an actual mailman.

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