09.20.07 10 years ago 12 Comments

Variety reported today that Paramount Vantage has acquired the rights to the New York Times story "Hey Coach, Do You Need a Timeout?" by Warren St. John.

I thought the title sounded pretty gay, so I decided to read the original story, which "centers on college fraternity brothers who decide to get together and coach a peewee football team but find themselves overwhelmed by the competitive nature of the league."

Sure enough, the story was both cute and heartwarming. It's sad someone had to buy the rights to it, because most of its charm is due to the fact that it's a real-life version of a million movies that have already been made – Kicking and Screaming, Ladybugs, etc.   Vivid Video once tried to buy the rights to the time I went to go fix the copy machine at the Asian sorority house, but I told them no because I knew they'd probably turn it into something sexual.  Yuck!

Anyway, Paramount Vantage is planning the film as a comedic vehicle for Trevor Moore, whom I had to look up, but apparently is a guy from "The Whitest Kids You Know".  They do some funny stuff (he's the tall guy).  See kids? Research can be fun.  Demental.   

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