04.21.10 8 years ago 12 Comments

Today we’ve got a new fight scene clip from Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood.  When we first heard about this movie, it was called Nottingham, and it was supposed to tell the story of Robin Hood from the Sheriff’s point of view.  Then later, the story was Russell Crowe was playing both Robin Hood AND the Sheriff, like some kind of multiple personality thing.  Fast forward to now, and Baskin and Robin Hood — basically a fatter, more Gladiator-y Robin Hood.

Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that, I guess.  I mean, I like the people being shot with flaming arrows thing.  That was the best scene in Gladiator.  But then at the 50-second mark, some guy yells, “BLOOD FOR FROGS!”

Yeah!  Hoorah, blood for frogs!  Wait, what?  What are we chanting?  Are we supposed to get that reference?  I do no know what that means.  Whatever, he says it with such conviction, I say we just run with it.  Maybe it could be the new “RELEASE THE KRAKEN.”

Eh.  Or not. -Headline blatantly stolen from Crooow

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