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12.04.09 26 Comments

Good news, folks, I’ve got two new Avatar clips to share.  In this one, Zoe Saldana’s character teaches Sam Worthington (Jake Sully) the proper way to break your pterodactyl thingie so you can ride it around while you chuck spears at space helicopters.  Do it wrong and they’ll just poop on the carpet and chew up all your feather necklaces, and no one wants that.  I like to imagine that when they were shooting this scene, at first Zoe Saldana just did her lines in her regular voice.

JAMES CAMERON: “Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the f-ck are you doing?

ZOE SALDANA: “Huh?  What?  Did I flub a line?”

JAMES CAMERON: “No, I mean you’re playing a space alien from a planet light years away, and yet you’re talking like a Valley girl down at the mall.  What are you, a f-cking retard?  Everyone knows aliens don’t sound like that.”

ZOE SALDANA: “My bad.  Should I try it in a dracula voice?”


The other new clip is over at MSN, and in that one Giovanni Ribisi tells Sigourney Weaver about unobtanium.  “Unobtanium?”  “That’s right.  It’s the most expensive substance in the galaxy, because the only way to mine it is with a doohickey.”

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