Avengers is tracking 96% on RT. Here’s a clip of ScarJo speaking slowly in a monotone.

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04.23.12 22 Comments

"Behold, my greatest creation, the Disheveling Ray, capable of turning a normal man into-- OH GOD NO I'VE SHOT MYSELF!"

After the jump, I’ve got a new clip from The Avengers, featuring ScarJo and Ruff Daddy talking about Gamma Rays (your favorite!). The Avengers is already out in most foreign territories, where it’s racking up rave reviews (96% on RottenTomatoes so far), and sparking talk of even-bigger-than-expected box office. But in this clip, Scarlett Johansson gives a performance that could generously be described as… “understated.”  Though she certainly enunciates well. I AM ROBO-SCARJO. GAMMA RAYS ARE BAD MEEP MORP.

[via Collider]

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