Bangladeshi Hulk looks awesome, seems to be about male rape

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08.11.10 37 Comments

We could sit here arguing about whether Mark Ruffalo is right to play the Hulk until we’re blue in the face, but one thing is for certain: the Dhallywood (Bangladeshi) version of the Incredible Hulk, Halka, looks a thousand times better than any of the American Hulk movies.  For one thing, the CGI is incredible.

Actually, probably my favorite part of this whole trailer is the fact that there’s no dialog, and yet I still feel like it needs translating.  Is the plot of this one that Bangladeshi Bruce Banner gets gay-raped by a pack of thugs?  This a serious question.  It starts out with a group of street toughs hitting him in the ass with a pick axe, and the next thing you know, his pants are around his ankles.  I don’t think I’m reading too much into things to assume that a guy with his pants around his ankles with another man behind him with a flower falling to the ground in slow motion might be in the process of getting deflowered.  I mean, symbolism doesn’t get much more obvious than that.  Foreign films are so artsy.

Foreign versions of things are usually better.  For instance, this is the Nigerian Lady Gaga:

[Thanks to Mario for the tip on Halk, and Pauly for Nigerian Lady Gaga]

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