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Along with Anvil!, Best Worst Movie is the film every bearded fat guy’s been pissing his Spider-Man panties over ever since it premiered at SXSW.  It’s a documentary about Troll 2, the epically bad 1990 horror film, and its journey from forgotten turd to cult classic (nowadays, it’s kind of like Rocky Horror without theater kids).

Everything about this 1990 bomb is an idiot’s delight, beginning with the title. It has no connection whatsoever to an earlier film called Troll, and is in fact troll-free.
It’s about vegetarian goblins (dwarves in latex and burlap) who try to trick humans into eating a green slime that will transform them into plants, and hence a tasty treat.
Filmed in the summer of 1989 in Heber City, Utah, Troll 2 was directed by Italy’s Claudio Fragasso (using the pseudonym Drake Floyd), an unrepentant man of serious auteur delusions. [TheStar]

Michael Stevenson directed the documentary about the film, to which he has a special connection, having starred in when he was 11.  The trailer focuses mainly on George Hardy, now a dentist in Alabama, which is kind of a shame because I’d really like to hear from the director, who was actually earnest in his desire to make a good movie, rather than just content to go along for the ride.  Plus, I’d like to hear how he got the dwarves to hold still long enough to get the latex and burlap on them.  In my experience, they start to struggle as soon as you cover them in the net.

[Watch the super ghey non-embeddable trailer here]

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