‘Big T*ts Zombie 3D’ is everything it promises and more

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04.19.10 15 Comments

Finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for: Big Tits Zombie 3D has a trailer.  It’s basically a Japanese version of Zombie Strippers, complete with a porn star in the lead (Jenna Jameson in Zombie Strippers, G-cup Asian porn star Sora Aoi in BTZ3 — she’s got less inhibitions than her last name has consonants!).  But this version is way better. For one thing, the Japanese really know how to sell the sizzle not the steak in their titles.  They just ram a bunch of provocative nouns and adjectives together to create an orgy of things I’d like to see and/or masturbate to.  Like in Japan, Kick-Ass probably would’ve been called “Pigtails Schoolgirl Disemboweling C*nt.”  But I digress.  This isn’t just some cheap Japanese knock off.  It draws on a long tradition of works about big-titted zombies. From GammaSquad:

The film is an adaptation of Rei Mikamoto’s manga “Kyonyuu Dragon” about a group of strippers fighting a zombie infestation. The manga is also nicknamed “Big T*ts Dragon”, hence the classy movie title.

In conclusion, this guy:

(probably NSFW, via Twitch)

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