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08.06.07 2 Comments

For once, Aintitcoolnews actually has some cool news: Bill Murray will be playing Agent 13 in the new Get Smart movie with Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway (who, sources say, totally wants to bone me). 

As /film explains:

In the original 1960’s television series, Dave Ketchum played Agent 13, a secret KONTROL agent who was forever being stationed inside weird places such as mailboxes, washing machines, lockers, and other objects. It was just one of the many funny running gags on the series.

So basically, it sounds like exactly the kind of goofy role Bill Murray would be perfect for.  For which Bill Murray would be perfect.  Whatever.  Either way, it's cool that Bill doesn't mind playing a lot of the same types of characters.  Back when I was doing child porn, I would always get typecast as the "sexy young guy who's new in town."  I eventually had to fire my agent, which sucked because he was also my priest.   


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