Malcolm Lee has been tapped (like your mom, BOOSH) to direct Soul Men, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac.

The pair will play bickering backup soul singers who haven’t spoken in 20 years but reluctantly travel cross country together for a tribute concert to honor their famous former band leader. Jackson and Mac will do their own musical and dancing performances for the film, which will begin production on Jan. 21. [Variety]

You might remember Malcolm Lee for directing Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, which is basically the black Sweet Home Alabama, starring Martin Lawrence, who will soon be appearing in College Road Trip, the black RV. 

Hey, remember when blaxploitation genre had cool stuff like Pam Grier and Shaft?  Apparently now it’s just rehashed plots from crappy white movies with an uninspired title slapped at the top.  Soul MenCollege Road Trip? This Christmas? With these people naming stuff, Titanic would’ve been Boat Trip, Jaws would be Fish Movie, and Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark would be Professor Hat

Still, as a drunken Kiwi once told me at a bar, Bernie Mac is the funniest man alive.  New Zealand is weird.  

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