Bobby Hacker’s Star Wars Parody is My New Favorite

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01.03.11 21 Comments

Me and Bobby Hacker go way back.  Hell, sometimes we just sit around reminiscing about the last time he made a funny video and I wrote “fart” underneath it.  Anyway, he made a Star Wars parody recently, and you can watch it below.  In general, the world could use less Star Wars-related, uh… everything, but *this* short film set in the Star Wars universe uses the F word more than 40 times.  I’m not saying that’s the *only* reason it’s awesome, but it sure helps.

[+10 points to anyone who can spot the Troy Duffy cameo.]

If you’re familiar with The Frotcast, I think this is the version of Star Wars Junior College Armond White might have written.

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