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(Haha, get it?  Women be shoppin’ and men be hatin’ commitment! It’s funny ’cause it’s true!)

The Proposal earned $34 million to land a big number one on the box office chart, despite looking like a lame mashup of every crappy romantic comedy ever.  They make this movie once a month.  The only thing good about this one was that it didn’t have Kate Hudson or Matthew McConaughey in it.

The Hangover was number two with $26.9 million, only declining 18% from last weekend and holding better than just about any movie in recent memory (again, that’s movie blogger code for “I don’t want to look it up”).  So far it’s made almost $153 million on a $35 million budget, which is good news for anyone who wants to make or see an R-rated comedy.  The bad news is that without Todd Phillips and Zach Galifianakis, The Hangover would basically have been an Entourage episode.  So what’ll happen now is, they’ll greenlight a bunch of pandering, “raunchy” comedies which will suck (think American Pie sequels) and won’t make money, and then we’ll be right back to it being hard to make R-rated comedy again.  Also?  We’re all gonna be dead in 40 years anyway.  Happy Monday!

(full top 10 below)

1. The Proposal, $34.114m, budget $40m
Exceeded all expectations, except for the expectation that it not suck.

2. The Hangover, $26.855m, $152.919m total, $35m budget
Arguably the biggest hit of the year so far.

3. Up, $21.336m, $224.113m total, $175m budget
I watched this a few weeks ago and my eyes kept watering. So I said “BOY, THESE 3D GLASSES ARE REALLY MAKING MY EYES WATER,” really loud just in case anyone saw.  Good save, Mancini, good save, I thought to myself.

4. Year One, $20.200m, $60m budget
Sure, it’s got some really bad jokes in it, but it had some good ones too.

5. The Taking of Pelham 123, $11.300m, $43.332m total, $100m budget
Don’t care.

6. Night at the Museum 2, $7.3m, $155.953m total, $150m budget
Don’t care.

7. Star Trek, $4.7m, $239.444m total, $150m budget
The other huge hit of the summer.  Deserves every penny.

8. Land of the Lost, $3.976m, $43.672m total, $100m budget
Still got a looong way to go to make its money back.  Boy, who would’ve thought spending $100m to make movie out of a TV show that was never that good or popular in the first place was a bad idea, huh?

9. Imagine That, $3.1m, $11.351m total, $55m budget
So how many bombs like this does Eddie Murphy get before he’s not allowed to make these anymore?  This feels like the seventh or eighth one.

10. Terminator Salvation, $3.070m, $119.513m total, $200m budget
It’ll make its money back in foreign markets if it hasn’t already.  Americans may be stupid, but foreigners like explosions even more than we do.

Source = BoxofficeMojo

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