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SlashFilm recently posted this picture of Brett Ratner on the set of one of his Guitar Hero commercials.  He’s talking on the phone while looking at a monitor and sitting in the director’s chair, the implication being that he’s being lazy and inconsiderate and dicking around on the job.  But this could easily have been taken during a rehearsal, or they might be in the middle of moving lights around and not shooting, so him being on the phone might not be that big of a deal.  Regardless, this seemed as good a time as any to see what this fat lazy idiot’s been up to lately.  From his Twitter page:

@sevinnyne6126 [Lindsay Lohan] I cant believe your not following me?

@PerezHilton ha ha i love u perez…don’t forget that i snuck u into the SNL afterparty when no one knew who u were…

@officialTila [yep, Tila Tequila] are you back in town?

Which is to say, talking on the phone during a shot is far from the worst thing that can happen on a Brett Ratner shoot.  You should’ve seen the time on Rush Hour 3 when he dropped the phone in his plate of nachos, and it was Paris Hilton and he really wanted to talk to her, so he had to eat all the nachos as fast as he could so he could get to the phone before she hung up.  “That was a really delicious day,” Ratner said later.

Oh, and just in case there was anyone out there who still respects him, here he is making the case for why X3 was the best X-Men movie: [via StarPulse]

Mine outgrossed the other two by far. Mine was the one that made the most narrative sense. And I’m not knocking Bryan’s movie but he just does a certain thing; Bryan uses his brain and I use my eye and my instincts more. It’s a whole different approach to making a movie. I’m not saying my movie wasn’t smart; I just wasn’t intellectualizing it. I was just looking at it as pure entertainment value which is what it was.

When I was a kid and used to watch that cartoon it was just fun. It wasn’t a deeper meaning for me when I watched the cartoon as a kid. I didn’t read the comic books but it doesn’t matter, the cartoon is the same f*cking thing.

The most ridiculous statement I’ve read is — and of course I looked at the Internet after the movie came out — that I buried the franchise. If I buried the franchise how the f*ck did they make a “Wolverine”? I mean, that’s ridiculous. And they’re making three other f*cking “X-Men” movies. Mine kept the franchise alive!

Oh, Brett, if you wanted to prove yours was the best, you only needed two little words: “Sxv’Leithan Essex.”  Wait, maybe that’s three words.

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