Brett Ratner & Courtney Love are crotch-fondle buddies

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09.21.10 28 Comments

Here’s a picture of Courtney Love and Brett Ratner last night at the premiere of Money Never Sleeps (Wall Street 2) in New York.  Gosh, she looks so elegant, I wonder where she went to finishing school.  But her and the Rat Man, that’s a match made in crotch-fondling heaven (the most fun kind of heaven).  One thing that disappointed me about it, though,  The Rat isn’t doing his trademark crotch fondle in the picture. The photographer must’ve been using some kind of high-speed film or something.  Anyway, I thought it would be fun to have both their trademark poses in the same photo, so I went ahead and had it digitally remastered.


[original picture via MovieLine]

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