Building-sized, 3D Inception posters are pretty cool

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07.05.10 10 Comments


With The Last Airbender and Knight and Day out of the way, it seems we can now turn our attention to Christopher Nolan’s Inception, the only movie of the summer anyone seems to give a sh*t about (here’s the latest trailer, here’s a featurette).  These optical illusion-y, building-sized billboards were recently spotted in New York, and I don’t care what you say, I like them.  They are neat.  In general, I’d say there should be more 3D movie posters and less 3D movies.  My only criticism: if you’re going to peel off the outside of a building, why no naked lady in the shower?  If movies have taught me anything, it’s that when the interior of a building is suddenly exposed, there’s always at least one naked lady in a shower cap trying cover herself with a back scrubber.  It looks like you have a lot to learn, Inception poster guy.

Inception-3D-Building-Ad1 Inception-3D-Building-Ads2 Inception-3D-Building-Ad3

[SlashFilm, ThisGuy via Firstshowing ]

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