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The early reviews for the Coen Brothers’ Burn After Reading are in, and surprisingly for the dudes fresh off the four-Oscar winning No Country For Old Men, some of them aren’t that positive. Take some dicklicker from Variety, for example:

Nothing about the project’s execution inspires the feeling that this was ever intended as anything more than a lark, which would be fine if it were a good one. As it is, audience teeth-grinding sets in early and never lets up.

…on any more substantive level, “Burn After Reading” is a flame-out.

Of course, he goes through the usual knocks on Coen Brothers movies – silliness, cartoony characters – and lest we forget, a lot of critics weren’t too fond of The Big Lebowski either. In fact, this same critic, Todd McCarthy, gave The Big Lebowski almost the same review.

[Burn After Reading] Major star names might stoke some mild B.O. heat with older upscale viewers upon U.S. release Sept. 12, but no one should expect this reunion of George Clooney and Brad Pitt to remotely resemble an “Ocean’s” film commercially.

[Big Lebowski] World premiered at Sundance as a special screening, this Gramercy release looks headed for a mixed critical and luke-warm B.O. reception upon its release in March.

Reading bad reviews of the Big Lebowski feels like going back to your high school guidance counselor’s office and listening to him tell you you won’t amount to anything. Oh yeah? OH YEAH? Well guess what, smart guy, I started a movie blog after I got fired from editing porn! At least 20 people read it and I get to take masturbation breaks during the day! During the day! What have you done? WHAT THE F*CK HAVE YOU DONE??

Which is to say, I dunno, the movie looks funny to me. *tries to act casual*

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