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The Shanghai Daily reports that an obsessed Transformers fan has been drinking gasoline in an effort to be more like his favorite robots.

The 14-year-old boy began to drink gasoline to become a “valiant fighter” like “Optimus Prime,” his father told the newspaper. “He began to drink gasoline five years ago, when we found he liked smelling lighter fuel,” he said.
The boy’s mother owned a grocery stall, selling small goods such as lighters. In 2004, she often found lighters missing two or three days after she’d bought them. She later found that her son had been stealing them.
The parents talked to their son and asked him not to do it again. “But afterwards we found our motorcycle’s gasoline was always disappearing, and one day when we found the boy had drunk a half bottle of gasoline stolen from the motorcycle, we were too shocked to say anything,” the father said.

They locked the motorcycle away after that but the boy began to steal gasoline from neighbors and was drinking more and more – two or three bottles at a time. “Since my son started to drink gas, his IQ has dropped sharply and now he can’t figure out simple addition and subtraction,” the father said. “Before that, he was a very smart boy, and he could even repair the television. But now he does not know the answer of 7 plus 17.” [SD via /Film]

Reached for comment, Michael Bay said, “I’ve said all along that I don’t make movies for the critics, I make them for 14-year-old boys who’ve been drinking leaded gasoline and don’t understand math.”

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