Chris Brown Will Star In A Rom Com

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07.20.11 28 Comments

Singer Chris Brown has been cast as one of the four male leads in Think Like a Man, a new film based on comedian and multi-button suit enthusiast Steve Harvey’s best-selling book, “Act Like a lady, Think Like a Man”. Brown will be joined by comedian Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, and the guy who plays Turtle on Entourage as four guys who have to deal with their girlfriends/wives actually using Harvey’s book to dictate their relationships.

It’s kind of like Inception meets Rihanna’s face.

According to the book’s Amazon page

Harvey makes a game effort, taking a bold but familiar men-are-dogs approach: if you’re “cutting back” on sex, “he will have another woman lined up and waiting to give him what he needs and wants–the cookie.” Several chapters later, however, he introduces the “ninety-day rule,” asserting that, actually, he won’t always have another woman lined up–and the only way to makes sure is a three-month vetting period.

So the basic idea here is that the four women (played by Gabrielle Union, LaLa Vasquez-Anthony, Regina Hall and someone else who is inexplicably hot enough to pair with the fat guy who loves shoes) start taking advice from a book that demands that they either have sex with their men when expected or they will be replaced. If there’s a chapter on sandwich preparation and threeways then I am sold.

As for Brown, or Breezy as dickheads call him, this will certainly be another step in his quest to repair his image after he assaulted Rihanna, made a bunch of homophobic comments on Twitter and had a tantrum in his Today Show dressing room. But as they say, let he who is without terrible comedy experience cast the first punch.

(Via US Weekly, where I get all my domestic violence offender news.)

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