Christian Slater, Gary Oldman, & Dane Cook to star in ‘Wait, what?’

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06.17.10 12 Comments

Gary Oldman, Christian Slater, and Dane Cook are set to topline “a stylized crime thriller” from writer-director Michael Winnick that was apparently cast by the Family Guy manatees.  Hey, say what you will about Dane Cook’s comedy, the guy sure is a f*cking douche.

“Guns, Girls & Gambling,” throws Elvis impersonators, Indians, modern cowboys, a 6-foot-tall blond assassin, a frat boy, a corrupt sheriff and a prostitute into a chase for a priceless American Indian artifact stolen during a poker game at an Indian casino.
Slater plays a normal guy who in a drunken stupor joins an Elvis impersonation contest. Oldman is the contest’s mega-contender, and Cook will play the sheriff. [HeatVision]

A six-foot tall blond guy, you say?  Why, that’s almost TOO wacky!  Hey, how about this, maybe in addition to being six feet tall and blond, he’s always wearin’ t-shirts. Anyway, sounds like Go meets The Hangover meets a forehead the size of Mount Rushmore (Christian Slater’s).  I also like how they didn’t even bother giving it a title, they just named it after the pitch.  “Pulp Fiction?  Nah, I prefer ‘Hitmen, Drugs & Boxing.’  And no, I’m not punctuating it correctly, because f*ck that.”

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