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01.21.08 44 Comments

Despite hardly being marketed at all, Cloverfield was the come from behind surprise of the weekend, grossing an estimated $41 million in its debut and breaking the record for a January opening. 

Incredibly, the surefire blockbusting Katherine Heigl juggernaut 27 Dresses only managed a distant second, with $22.4 million.   

Mad Money (Who came up with that title? Genius!), with Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah and Xenu’s warrior princess Katie Holmes was the only other new film in wide release, and it opened in seventh with $7.7 million. 

Man! With this kind of competition for the 18-34 male demographic, it’s a wonder anyone saw Cloverfield at all!  I mean, Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, and Katie Holmes in the same movie?!  I wouldn’t even be so bold as to wish for it, and yet, lo… someone up there likes me!  I can’t think of anything more exciting, except maybe Katherine Heigl going to a bunch of weddings – another bridesmaid’s dress?! She just can’t catch a break, LOL! Perhaps she’ll find love with a formerly platonic male friend…  !!!  It’s a miracle !!! My stuffed animals are going to hear about this for sure – it’s mutha f%ckin’ tea time, foo!

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