Rhys Ifans arrested at Comic-Con for method acting

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07.23.11 9 Comments

Rhys Ifans may have been taking his role as the villain in the Amazing Spider-Man a little too seriously yesterday when he showed up to Comic-Con reeking of booze, berating the staff, and insulting America. And no, I’m not making up that last one. Ifans was arrested and cited for battery following the Spider-Man panel after he allegedly shoved a female security guard, right in her boobs. Okay, maybe not in her boobs, but I liked the visual.

Ifans, who smelled of alcohol, became irate when a member of his entourage was unable to enter the hall for lack of proper credentialing, police said. They said he shoved the guard in order to pass through, and was allowed to participate in the panel, but the guard subsequently made a citizen’s arrest.
“He was aggressive and belligerent,” Lt. Andra Brown said of the Welsh actor. “He was… berating everyone from the security staff to the United States of America.”
“He was cited and released, which is a non-custodial misdemeanor arrest,” added Brown, who said that the San Diego City Attorney will now determine whether to pursue charges. Ifans could be required to pay a fine, or could contest the case before a judge.
“But, according to him, the U.S. sucks and he doesn’t want to come back,” Brown said.
An individual with knowledge of the incident said security was very “tight and aggressive backstage.” The person said Ifans stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, and when he tried to get back in security tried to stop him and his entourage, which escalated into an argument.

Having gone to college in San Diego, I can personally attest to the fact that police and security guards tend to be fascist dicks here. I can never understand not letting a 34-year-old into your bar if her driver’s license is expired by two days, but it happens here. Motherf*cker, I’m trying to prove my identity, not drive the bar. Likewise, security at the Con is big on not letting you walk three feet to your right if it interferes with whatever serpentine path they’ve created, so I’m not surprised that they had trouble with a free-loving Welshman.  The only thing less surprising is that Rhys Ifans showed up smelling of booze. I can smell booze on Rhys Ifans, and I’ve only seen pictures. As to whether he’s still a danger, a police spokesman described Ifans as “wiry.”

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